LCRT attended Suzhou 2019 Auto Radar and Sensor Fusion Exchange

Column:Company News Time:2019-07-20

The 2009 Auto Radar and Sensor Fusion Forward-looking Technology Exhibition and Exchange Conference was solemnly opened on July 18 at Jinke Hotel of Suzhou High-speed Railway. As a professional meeting of millimeter-wave radar in the field of sensor subdivision, the conference was co-sponsored by Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town Management Committee jointly with the experts of smart cars and Yimao Business, and was awarded including Dezhou Instruments. With the strong support of many enterprises in the industry, such as Shengyi Science and Technology, Arbe, Aoku Corporation, Arralis, Wuxi Medium and Micro Technologies, Kangmao Electronics, Haituo Instruments and Rachel-Ritai, more than 300 main engine factories, automotive radar enterprises and chip companies, raw material suppliers, testing units, relevant scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning in the industry have been attracted. Industry media and other representatives attended the scene personally.


The company exhibited 244Hz radar simulator RTS2601 and 77GHz radar simulator RTS8101, which attracted wide attention of participating enterprises.


General Manager Xu made a speech on the key technology and development trend of automotive millimeter wave radar target simulation. The target simulator of Automobile Millimeter wave radar provides target simulation for radar in laboratory environment, which can save time, resources and manpower cost of radar research and development and field test. In the stage of radar production, it provides the final detection of radar products. Its working principle is to simulate the distance, speed and angle information of the target, and through DR. FM and optical fiber delay line are implemented in two ways. By comparing with Rhode, Keysight and NI indicators, Xu suggested that enterprises should consider several factors such as performance, price and service when choosing general simulator, and try it out before purchasing. Finally, Xu outlook radar simulator technology from the point cloud target angle simulation, jamming simulation, high fidelity environment simulation and other perspectives.


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